VisTitle 2.5 Released Today

Date: 2014-5-12

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We are honored to announce that VisTitle 2.5 is released today. From version 2.5, VisTitle will have three independent versions, which are corresponding to EDIUS, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid NLE systems respectively. The three versions of VisTitle use same model but different license of dongle. And they put on sale separately. We will announce related detailed information in our website as soon as possible. Before all the information go online, you can get a general idea from VisTitle 2.5 quick guide documents (PDF), which to be downloaded at: VisTitle 2.5 Quick Guide


In addition, for EDIUS users, VisTitle 2.5 adds support for EDIUS 7, if your VisTitle dongle is of version 2.0*, you can get free upgrade to version 2.5.


Here is VisTitle 2.5 Full Installer downloading link: VisTitle 2.5 Full Installer. Different from former version installer, we build the 2.5 installer with a new tool, so VisTitle 2.5 will not provide update installer package. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


*During installation, if your VisTitle dongle is not of version 2.0, then a VisTitle 2.0 activation code is necessary. Please check if you can get a free upgrade. If you are qualified, please contact with us to get a free 2.0 activation code, otherwise please contact with your local dealer to buy activation code.