VisTitle 2.5 Full Installer

Date: 2014-5-6

Size: 933MB

ClickTimes: 7,998

Operating Platform: Win XP,Vista,Win 7

This installer is a universal installer for VisTitle three independent versions, so its file is bigger than former versions, please download the installer with patience.

This VisTitle 2.5 full installer does not support Windows XP OS.



  1. Besides VisTitle – EDIUS, we also release VisTitle – Adobe Premiere Pro and VisTitle – Avid from Version 2.5. The three versions put on sale separately. Please refer details to or the latest quick guide documents of VisTitle.
  2. “VisTitle”support a new dongle model from Version 2.5, but it is still compatible with previous dongle model.


New Features

  1. VisTitle(EDIUS version) is compatible with EDIUS 7 now.
  2. Add “Wave”effect.
  3. Add millisecond display option to Clock object.
  4. Property values of single element (such as font size, coloring, etc.) of Clock, Time Code object can be modified.
  5. Add the function of Object Selecting and Offsetting through auxiliary ruler.
  6. Add the function of Quick Text Rolling Formatting Template.
  7. Add “Set as Normal”option in text object context menu, which allows selected text to be defined neither title nor content thus to keep apart from formatting.
  8. Add “Export All Text of Current layout to Text Panel”option in context menu of edit view, which allows to add all text of current layout to text panel automatically.
  9. Add “Obtain All Text of Current layout”option in drop-down menu of “Tools”button in text panel.
  10. Support Avid DS Caption format in subtitle importing and exporting.
  11. Add “Input Start Time Code of Timeline sequence manually”function to subtitle options to realize input and output function of subtitle file with absolute time code.
  12. Add 2 texture layers in 3D Phone and thus support 3 textures at most.


Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed the issue that spikes occur while building model in 2D Path to 3D Plugin or 3D Text Plugin.
  2. Fixed the issue that system crashes when deleting light effect in 3D Models and other plugins with light effect in some case.
  3. Fixed the issue that the axis and values are not corresponding sometimes in 3D chart.
  4. Fixed the issue of rendering missing partially while rendering line by line of 3D text.
  5. Fixed the issue of incorrect position rendering after align center or align right of text while coloring “Frame”.
  6. Fixed the issue that 3D stereoscope effect cannot be reflected by adjusting zero plane of 2D objects in 3D stereoscopic layout.
  7. Perfect text pasting function and make it more reasonable.
  8. Fixed the issue that a stroke offsets to Y direction under field rendering in 2D stroke animation plugin.
  9. Fixed the issue that rendering effect is missing in volume light effect with Intel HD 4000 graphics card.