Fast and Professional Titling Effect

VisTitle software is based on Windows Operation System. The system of original 64 bit software (latest version) works on the basis of parallel CPU and GPU, make full use of 64 bit computing and CPU multi-core and multi-thread, apply rendering algorithm of GPU programmable language, and maximize the computing power of current hardware. VisTitle can create 2D titles, 3D titles, and 3D stereo titles in SD, HD, and 2K or 4K resolution. It can apply high quality real-time rendering* of broadcast-level to texts and objects rapidly with high performance.

* To apply real-time rendering, CPU and GPU of the computer should meet certain requirements.


  : Support VisTitle Express
(Bundle Version)
VisTitle 3.0 VisTitle 3.0
+ Plugins Package
  : Optional (via purchasing upgrade or plugins package)
  : No support
Basic Features
Included in EDIUS 11         
Free 2D Vector Object/2D Text Making         
Face, Edge, Depth, Shadow, Free Designed Shader Styles         
WYSIWYG Editing         
Unlimited Object Groups and Transform         
Text Deformed, Curve Layout         
Keyframe Animation Based Timeline         
Rolling or Crawling Title         
3D Transform (Translate, Scale, Rotate, Pivot, Opacity)         
50+ GPU Acceleration Effects         
500+ Layout Templates         
100+ Shader Style Templates         
Text Path Animation Plug-in         
Stroke Animation Plug-in         
Shadow Plug-in         
Magic Composite Plug-in         
Image Slide Show Plug-in         
Advanced Features
3D Model         
3D Text         
3D Particles Plug-in         
Handwriting Plug-in         
Karaoke Plug-in         
2D Path to 3D Plug-in         
3D Chart Plug-in         
Features in EDIUS
Grass Valley EDIUS Title Importer Plug-in         
Title Mini Editor         
SubTitle Editor         
Title Template Library Tab in EDIUS Bin         
SRT Importer and Exporter in Subtitle Editor         
FCP XML Subtitle Exporter in Subtitle Editor         
EDIUS Project SRT exporter         
NLE Support
EDIUS EDIUS 11      
Adobe Premiere Pro         
Avid Media Composer         
DaVinci Resolve         
DaVinci Resolve Studio