VisTitle V3.001 Full Installer

Date: 2023-11-28

Size: 1.1GB

ClickTimes: 1,136
New Features
  1. Support EDIUS 11.
  2. User-friendly new modern flat interface, support high-resolution screen natively.
  3. Real-time preview of layout, coloring, and special effects template with mouse cursor hovering, allows you to use template efficiently.
  4. New 2D transform effect editor is added, allowing to adjust 2D displacement of object and scale key frame animation more intuitively.
  5. Title Template Library is embedded into EDIUS bin natively and seamlessly, and the interface is revised to flat style.
  6. In right-click menu of view interface in EDIUS, you can set background to black, grid or video background.

  7. In subtitle template library, you can right-click to set a certain template as default template used by SRT files.
  8. Add SRT file import plug-in to EDIUS timeline, support drag-and-drop SRT files directly onto the timeline for editing.
  9. In EDIUS, a new License check plug-in is added to the Tool menu. When the authorization is incorrect or does not match, the activation or update interface will pop up.
  10. In Edit View, add Align Object and Align Screen icons.
  11. Sync video background with the NLE. When it’s not real-time, switch to still frame state automatically to ensure normal playback of title.
  12. Support more languages (Spanish, Italian, and Japanese).
Fixed or Improved
  • Optimized the operation interface and process of software activation or authorization update.
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect reading of UTF8-BOM format text.
  • Modified the content display method of subtitle template to facilitate template recognition.
  • Dragging SRT file into EDIUS timeline, it will be divisible clip by default which reflects the length of subtitle. When reading SRT, if the <b><I><font color> tags are ignored, the text will also remove these tag words by default.
  • In EDIUS, when applying a subtitle template, “apply to all” is chosen by default. And the problem of using template incorrectly in some cases is fixed.
  • Fixed the usage problem of subtitle template with stay area.
  • In VisTitle, double-clicking the coloring template is modified to only applying the coloring.
  • In VisTitle, when adding title template to the template library, dynamic tag will be automatically set.
  • Help menu added link to Quick Guide and User Manual.