Is a live character generator software

Powerful Paly Control

VisCG, a live character generator software, possesses powerful function of real-time graphic render, supports flexible play control of multiple playlists, accomplishes the function of real-time multi-layer play at the same time. VisCG is able to be widely used by live graphic broadcast for news, sports, weather forecast, entertainment, and so on.It is the ideal choice for superior SD/HD real-time graphic playout.

Flexible Playlist Control

VisCG meets the need of superior HD real-time graphic playout. VisCG player includes 5 play lists (3 Play Lists, 1 Subtitle list and 1 Quick Play List). You can add different templates to play lists. And all play layouts of each play list can be overlying each other sequentially. So do all play lists. Moreover, every play list has independent hotkey control.

  1. Play lists:allows title,full-screen title and so on.You can append different play title to 3play lists and set paly list types as needed.Play list supports 4 paly list types of sequence paly,arbitrary play,schedule time play and auto play.
  2. Subtitle list:Used for play subtitles in real time,unlimited subtitle layouts.
  3. Quick play list:Used for play Clock,logo,logo animation etc,8 layout can be added to Quick Play List in same time,every layout can have unlimited objects.

Fit in Live Broadcasting

VisCG provides preview channel and program channel. With independent VGA preview channel, you can preview waiting layout in real time before on-air.

Real-time Data Updating

VisCG supports a variety of on-air template types, such as text crawler, stock crawler, universal flip object and so forth. These templates can be linked with kinds of external data source (such as CSV file, text file, ODBC, etc) for real-time updating graphic information.

Playing and Editing Simutaneously

For breakout event, the system supports playing and editing at the same time. That is, you can immediately create or modify other layout without interrupting the current playing layout to enhance play flexibility.