VisTitle 2.31 update Installer

Date: 2014-5-7

Size: 98.60MB

ClickTimes: 1,798

Operating Platform: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8

New features (from 2.1)

  1. Add support for both Windows 8 32bit and 64bit, fixed crash issues in former version
  2. Compatible with EDIUS 6.53
  3. Add 3D Camera for all layout, you can key frame its parameters to make 3D Camera animation
  4. Add 3D perspective View type (Front, back, left, right, top, bottom, Camera view), you can select these view type when edit view is in effect mode, and can pan , zoom, rotate these perspective view
  5. Add a camera output window to preview the output of rendering when edit view is in effect mode
  6. Add 3D horizon lines which is convenient when adjusting object 3D key frame animation
  7. Add a new free plug-ins – 2D Vector transform, used to create high quality 2D transform animation
  8. Add drag-drop features in VisTitle main program, you could drag-drop preset from preset library to editing view, including layout, object, effect, shade styles, etc. And you could drag-drop image files or text files (*.txt) from third party application to VisTitle directly.
  9. Add new features that you could convert path group object (which was create by Boolean operation) to a pure 2D shape object, it will help you to create more complex 2D shape, and convert them to a 3D logo through 2D path to 3D plug-ins.
  10. Now, 3D Text plug-ins support text play area, so you could make 3D text animation like 2D text, such as, play character by character or line by line.
  11. In 3D Model editor, add new features that you could connect selected texture to all face directly.
  12. Add a new effect – Middle Scale effect, used to scale part of objects image.
  13. In timeline window, add a option button to control display of object layer, same with overlap order or inverse.
  14. In context menu of timeline window, add a option menu to control the behavior when you scale object duration, scale key frames of object or not in same time.
  15. Add a new Export format, you could render layout to Canopus HQX avi files with alpha channel. It is same for MvMaker.
  16. For 3D stereoscopic parameters adjusting, you could preview in edit view with realtime and could change 3D stereoscopic display mode directly in UI.
  17. Add a hotkey – “Ctrl+F” to popup font advanced property panel.
  18. In text settings page of system option dialog, Add preset editing features for special language settings.
  19. Add a option to control whether inverse character order when using “Right to left” text input mode.


Fixed Issues (from 2.1)

  1. In some non-square pixel video format, preview image was zoomed along horizontal direction when seeking timeline in VisTitle.
  2. In some case, 3D stereoscopic option controls was lost when adjust window size
  3. If “Render all” property was selected, there is some incorrect rendering when text object has “Frame” shade property.
  4. When project enable 3D Stereoscopic, in some case, effect edit view did not show correct selection box, and preview window only have left eye preview image.
  5. If text object has play area effect, in some case, some character could not cut out.
  6. If EDIUS 6.5 project has VisTilte clip, EDIUS 6.5 was crashed when using “Consolidate project” or XRE to transcoding project
  7. Import a VisTitle title clip with “Transfer to project folder” option selected, EDIUS 6.5 was crashed
  8. “Consolidate project” could copy *.vtmovie and *.vxdmtex file to destination in EDIUS 6.0x and EDIUS 6.5
  9. Select VisTitle title clip in EDIUS bin, “Delete Files” in context menu could not delete disk file.
  10. Export any text files in VisTitle, the file will be always saved as unicode format to compatible some asia language.