VisTitle Version 2.8

Date: 2018-6-12

Size: 993.22MB

ClickTimes: 32,046

Release Note

New Features

  • Add 150 sets of themes, lower-third, name tags, and layout templates.
  • VisTitle 2.8 installer supports both dongle and digital serial number. Please choose according to your license form.
  • VisTitle 2.8 supports Adobe Premiere, Avid, and Edius NLE software. Please check the NLE options as needed when installing VisTitle.


Important Notice

  1. Dongle Version Discontinued

VisTitle 2.8 is the last multilingual version of VisTitle which support USB dongle. And the dongle version will be discontinued after version 2.8. Instead, we’ll release VisTitle digital versions with serial number in the future.


  1. Free Dongle-to-Digital Transfer/Upgrade Policy

VisTitle dongle version users who provide the following information can get free upgrade/transfer to VisTitle 2.8 digital version. Meantime, you can still keep the USB dongle for VisTitle 2.8 or former version use.


Information Required:

  • Serial Number of VisTitle dongle (both characters and screenshot picture of SN);

(Please run VisTitle as standalone, after enter into VisTitle, press Ctrl+F1 to get about dialog, and click Copy to get software serial number.)

  • Proof of purchasing VisTitle (email, invoice, or any other proof);
  • Proof for VisTitle Plugins Package purchage;



  • Free upgrade to VisTitle 2.8 digital version doesn’t include VisTitle Plugins Package if users fail to provide acceptable Plugins Package purchase proof.
  • We only accept the first claim with each VisTitle SN. Duplicate claims with the same SN are not accepted. So please keep the SN to yourself.
  • The free Dongle-to-Digital VisTitle transfer/upgrade policy is for VisTitle English/French/German version only and the policy is extended to Dec. 31, 2018.


Please send all the required information to for free Dongle-to-Digital VisTitle transfer/upgrade ASAP.