VisTitle Setup1.8 Full Installer

Date: 2014-5-6

Size: 470MB

ClickTimes: 2,301

Operating Platform: Win XP,Vista,Win 7

Important update

Change VisTitle template library path to Windows Program data path, Change VisTitle program profile data to Windows registry, now, in Windows 7, Administrator right is not necessary for VisTitle


Paid Plugin:

  1. Add a new paid plugin – Handwriting (has 10 times trial period)
  2. Add a new paid plugin – 3D Particles (has 10 times trial period)
  3. Add new feature to replace whole text in Karaoke plugin
  4. Can add empty line text to Karaoke text, empty line will let current Karaoke playing line to cut out
  5. Add a option to display the mark when playing in Karaoke
  6. Add arrow short key to move timeline indicator in Karaoke
  7. Fixed the issue that cannot save Font properties when save Karaoke template
  8. Improve the render effect when create KTV object, it now display the actual position instead of fixed left position


New Features:

  1. Add new feature to create the stay area of timeline, can zoom all objects and effects in stay areawhen pressed “Ctrl” to adjust stay out point
  2. Add a “Frame” shade style
  3. Add new feature to insert a shade style
  4. Add new feature to image object, can render image object with shade style
  5. Add “Small Caps” property to font properties, change English characters to Capital automatically
  6. Add “Characters map input” window, when input text, can popup this window with context menu or Press F4 short key
  7. Add new feature to Scale shade style parameters for selected objects through right context menu
  8. Add new feature to align vertex automatically in Four Point Image Deformation plugin
  9. Add new feature to scale shade style parameters automatically when convert layout between HD and SD
  10. Add new feature to move multi selected vertexes in Four Point Image Deformation plugin
  11. Add a new separator symbol “Dot” for Number object
  12. Add new feature to reset all current key frame parameters to default values
  13. Add new feature to reset the editing values to default values in Edit control with double click
  14. Add new feature to template library, now, it can save the last icon size after program exits
  15. Add new feature to select the object in Edit View, Press the “SHIFT” key, and double click the child object in Group, you can enter into its editing mode directly
  16. Add new feature to ungroup operation, you can erase the plugin from the object through Ungroup operation
  17. Add new feature to create a subtitle template, you can add a stay area for this template, when use this kind of template, software will zoom the effects in stay area only automatically
  18. The template library add a new icon to display the template has a stay area
  19. In system option dialog, add a new Text page to configure the text input option, you can select a shortcut to switch the font properties to meet some special language input method, such as Mongolia
  20. When export Image sequence or VisTitle Movie or QuickTime, when you stop export, there is a Message box to prompt the user to delete the exported file or not
  21. Add new feature to Font Combo Box, it had support a Tip text to display font name, it is useful for long name font


Fixed issues:

  1. Fixed the issue that cannot save the background option
  2. Fixed the issue that smooth vertex is not good when editing Bezier curve
  3. Improve the Number and Clock object
  4. Fixed the issue that cannot active the window when click the window with Mouse Middle key
  5. Fixed the issue about Windows7 KB2567680 update patch affect VisTitle working
  6. Fixed the issue that cannot save the UI size in some plugin
  7. Fixed the issue that Sync background features is not correct in some plugin
  8. Fixed the issue that cannot save the text as Unicode format
  9. Improve some operations, and improve the performance and stability


PlugIn in EDIUS:

  1. Add new feature to enter into VisTitle main program directly when Double Click VisTitle layout clip with SHIFT pressed in EDIUS timeline
  2. Add new feature to offset all subtitle lines timecode or selected subtitle lines timecode
  3. Add new feature to Import or Export the subtitle absolute timecode
  4. Add new feature to export subtitle image sequence or movie with pixel ratio
  5. Add a Text editing page in Layout Mini Editor, it is convenient to replace the large text content
  6. Add new feature to scale layout animation stay area only
  7. Fixed the issue that it is not clear when exported title to video if this title was offset odd pixels in Y direction with EDIUS Layouter tool
  8. Improve the prompt when Clap subtitle timecode
  9. Fixed the issue that cannot save the subtitle text to file with Unicode format
  10. Fixed the issues that it is not correct when pause the clap with “K” short key in subtitle editor
  11. Fixed the issue that software did not process fail when Save As layout to a existed file