VisLive Pro V4.8 Full Installer

Date: 2022-11-18

Size: 1.3GB

ClickTimes: 951

New Features

  1. Add 4 source channels. VisLive Pro now supports 9 source channels at most. Add Custom option for New Project – Video Format, allowing user to create 1:1 or 2:1 program.
  2. Add external monitor mode. Double-click the external monitor screen to change it to Window/Full Screen mode. Add Vertical Flip option and Program Channel Rotate 90 in Portrait Mode option to facilitate the monitoring in different scenes.
  3. Added 4-Point Deformation function to custom scene layer, which is convenient for making non-rectangular virtual scene video wall. Double-click the layer to start 4-point transformation editing, and you can choose Reset 4-Point Transformation or Reset Transform and Crop in the right-click menu. Added the drag-and-drop editing function of layer pivot point, which can modify the position of layer pivot point.

  4. Added PTZ camera control function of NDI cameras, providing a PTZ control panel. You can select channel to control camera pan, tilt, zoom, and focus, or use shortcut keys to adjust pan or tilt.
  5. Added Overlay on PGM function, which can be used to overlay an external NDI CG channel to PGM. There is an overlay icon in the upper right corner of each channel preview window, which can be clicked to enable or disable the function. You can also click preview window channel to enable this function quickly when Alt key is pressed. Or simply switch this function on or off by shortcut key Alt+1-9 which corresponding to channel 1-9 respectively.
  6. Added safety mode startup. During the startup process of splash screen, press and hold Ctrl or Shift key, and you will see the safety mode option. Enable this function to reset the settings of all input channels to avoid software crash due to data loss when VisLive Pro is started.
  7. Added the “Transition” in Numeric Keypad Settings, which can define the keys of the numeric keypad as the transition function. The name of VisLive Keypad is changed to Numeric Keypad.
  8. Added local SRT streaming mode, which can be used together with SRT settings in VisLive APP. Support 4K live streaming. And the delay of SRT streaming is relatively stable compared to RTMP streaming.

Fixed Issues

  1. NDI engine is updated to NDI 5.5.
  2. Optimize the automatic detection function of Decklink input devices, optimize input acquisition to reduce resource occupation, and fix the problem that the HDMI input color of some board cards is abnormal. Optimize device display name of Decklink 8K Pro board card. Optimize Decklink 8K Pro board card to automatically configure independent channels. If the Decklink driver version is lower than 11.6, an error will be reported.
  3. Optimize the display of the device list in channel menu, and change the tile mode to group mode, making it more convenient to select the device.
  4. Optimize some functions and interface of channel settings. The property template is updated to 6 and they can be applied directly. The 2D transform and crop adjustment interfaces are displayed separately. Property switch settings of Color Correction, Beauty FX, and Chroma Key FX are optimized.
  5. Optimize LUT color correction algorithm to improve color accuracy.
  6. Optimize the interface display on some high-resolution screen. Optimize the consistency of some interface operations (adjustment of various 2D transform).
  7. Optimize the Decklink card output performance of PGM for better efficiency.
  8. Optimize GPU decoding of H.264/H.265 files to improve performance and color accuracy.
  9. Optimize the automatic arrangement of the source preview window, and optimize the icon display in the upper right corner of PVW window in portrait screen mode.
  10. Optimize the adjustment of value editing control. Support scroll wheel adjustment after moving the mouse onto the value.
  11. Optimized the stream pulling algorithm to improve the lagging issues due to overloading streaming data packets (Insta360 streaming).
  12. 12) After VisLive Pro crashes, it will prompt whether to enter safety mode when restarting. Choose Yes, and the channel data will be ignored to avoid repeated crashes.
  13. Update some network links in VisLive Pro menu.
  14. Limit the resolution of image files to 16384×16384. When importing image file with higher resolution, it will prompt failure to avoid crashes.
  15. Improve the process of dragging and dropping *.vxsce scene template file to source channel, so that the scene will be updated seamlessly.
  16. When dragging a channel (e.g. Channel A) to copy to or exchange with another channel in source preview window, the blue target frame will not be displayed when the mouse is targeted to the original channel (Channel A).