VisTitle Setup 1.6 Full Installer

Date: 2014-5-6

Size: 567.3MB

ClickTimes: 5,702

Operating Platform: Win XP,Vista,Win 7

Here is VisTitle 1.6 full installer, compared with former versions, new build-in plugins like 2D Stroke Animation, Shadow, Image Four Point Deformation are added. There are new features such as Effect Dragdrop, OpenType font supported, etc. Please browse the following description to see more:


Main Program

New Features

  1. Add a new plugin 2D Stroke Animation
  2. Add a new plugin Image Four-point Deformation
  3. Add a new plugin Shadow
  4. Add support of OpenType font (*.otf)
  5. Add feature to export current layout as QuickTime movie, support exporting to image sequence or QuickTime movie in MvMaker
  6. Effect drag and drop: the effect can be dragged from template library and dropped to timeline
  7. Add indicator in edit view to display 4:3 / 13:9 / 14:9 area in 16:9 video project
  8. Add new feature to toggle animate for all parameters of effect with one button
  9. Add new feature to replace selected template in preset library with current editing layout
  10. Middle button to pan the editing view. (Same function as Shift + right mouse before)
  11. Add stay time setting in clock / timecode / number object
  12. Support inputting float value in start / end time of number object
  13. Add high quality quick preview feature in layout / subtitle / object template library
  14. Add language setting in system option, now you can choose interface language
  15. Add small text size in SD / HD setting in default setting, help on avoiding the issue that it looks too thin in some small texts
  16. Add use path outline mask render option in default setting, to avoid rendering error in some Chinese fonts
  17. Add import / export button in shader style template library panel
  18. Add spread parameter in shine effect
  19. Add reset display function in Karaoke plugin, to hold the lyric in the interluding
  20. Add close button in title bar of some plugin edit dialog


Fixed issues

  1. Improve the support for custom resolution project
  2. Improve the display quality in the font-select window
  3. Enhance the find and replace function in text edit panel. You can replace contents using empty space,or replace the selected contents
  4. Fixed shader rendering issue in some cases
  5. Fixed issue that maximizing window in the 2nd monitor will cause the error when using 2 monitors
  6. Operational efficiency of Karaoke plugin is improved
  7. Fixed UI issues in some NVIDIA card systems on Windows XP
  8. Fixed issue that update of navigator windows was delay in some cases
  9. Fixed issue that created push-back objects size and result is not match after scale / rotate in magic composite plugin
  10. Fixed issue that playing is not correct of counting-down-clock object in NTSC video format
  11. Fixed rendering issue of multiple overlapping effects in some cases


PlugIn in EDIUS

  1. Add support for EDIUS XRE
  2. Add display absolute timecode option in subtitle editor in EDIUS 6
  3. Add feature that Karaoke plugins background can be synchronized with EDIUS when scrabbling the timeline cursor
  4. Add set subtitle align ruler dialog in subtitle dialog, and more sensitive of subtitle align ruler now
  5. Add remove lines without timecode function in subtitle editor
  6. Add feature that if the in timecode of current subtitle line is earlier than the out point of previous one, the previous out point will be changed to 1 frame ahead of the current in point automatically when clapping subtitle. But it will be given up if leading to illegal result
  7. Fixed issue that timecode displaying wrong when import SubRip file in subtitle editor in some video format of EDIUS project
  8. Fixed video format updating issue of some titles when EDIUS 5 project setting is changed
  9. Fixed rendering issue of layout file without any objects in EDIUS
  10. Improve the stability while double clicking subtitle file in EDIUS bin
  11. Fixed issue that it appears 2 icons when creating title in the EDIUS bin
  12. Fixed issue that the length of the title wont be updated in the timeline after it is modified