VisTitle Setup 1.5.4 Full Installer

Date: 2014-5-6

Size: 567.4MB

ClickTimes: 2,066

Operating Platform: Windows xp&Windwos Vista

Main Program

Fixed issues

  1. Fixed issue that music playing incorrect of Karaoke plugin in some cases
  2. Fixed issue that edit-view display incorrect after zooming in of Karaoke plugin in some cases
  3. Music playing performance improved of Karaoke plugin
  4. “Auto Fill Char Space” option in Karaoke plugin now checked by default, and can remember last setting
  5. Fixed stability issue of opening text file that contain some specific characters in Karaoke
  6. Fixed playing issue of opening some mp3 file in Karaoke
  7. Fixed issues that GUI is not updated correctly when resizing the plugin editor GUI
  8. Fixed issues that 3D transform keyframe is not correct when convert layout to some video format


Plugin in EDIUS

  1. Fixed rendering issue of subtitle clapping in some NTSC format projects
  2. Fixed issue that VisTitle cannot exit normally after EDIUS had exited(when EDIUS was running, to change window theme, then exit EDIUS)
  3. Fixed preview issue of dynamic texture in EDIUS 6
  4. Length of timeline view in subtitle editor now changed to maximum length of subtitle clip and subtitles content
  5. Fixed issues about locate the subtitle sentence with EDIUS timeline position is not correct in some cases
  6. Fixed issue that cannot offset the subtitle sentence in subtitle timeline editor in some cases


Multiple Language Support

Now support English, German and French