VisTitle 2.6 Full Installer

Date: 2015-7-6

Size: 988MB

ClickTimes: 9,697

Operating Platform: Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win10

This installer is a universal installer for VisTitle three independent versions, so its file is bigger than former versions, please download the installer with patience.


New Features

  1. Support EDIUS 8, Premiere CC 2014, and Avid Media Composer 8.3.
  2. Added the Layout Share module which allows the transferring of layout and objects between multiple computers.
  3. Added the 2D stroke motion path function, allowing drawing any motion path with the mouse cursor.
  4. Added extrude keyframe parameters for “2D Path to 3D” and “3D Text”.
  5. VisTitle for AVID realized subtitle trim functions. With “Reset Trim Parameters” option added, subtitle timecode remains consistent after cutting. Enable “Reset Trim Parameters”, content of the back part remains the same with forepart.
  6. Hotkeys of Copy, Paste, and Cut are added at the preview area of title mini editor in NLE systems.
  7. Subtitle text import supports SRT files with comma, period, and separatrix.


Features Added in Subtitle Section

  1. Subtitle line can be split on timeline in subtitle editing window.
  2. Improved space bar operation. No matter its focused on subtitle timeline or subtitle list, space bar can activate to play. Just make sure it is not in subtitle content editing mode.
  3. Improved F2 operation. Whether its focused in subtitle list or not, F2 can enable to edit the selected line.
  4. Improved editing screen synching principle. Drag the timeline in editing screen and the list will follow up with subtitle lines automatically. After you stop the dragging, the preview window shows the subtitle line where the cursor stops.
  5. The minimum height of subtitle window can be adjusted to a smaller value.


Fixed issues

  1. Fixed the issue that running VisTitle as standalone or VisMVMaker causes system crash while dongle not found.
  2. Fixed the issues that copy, paste text from external application is wrong in some cases
  3. Fixed the object preview issue after go back to main program from setting objects from 3D Model, 3D Text, or 2D Path to 3D plugins as “Output Quality-Highest” in EDIUS 4K project.
  4. Fixed the issue thatVisTitle cannot work fluently in Windows XP.
  5. Improved the Save As logic title editing in NLE systems. Fixed the title offline issue under certain operations.
  6. Fixed the issue that dynamic textures cannot be saved after adjusting the speed.
  7. Fixed the issue that dongle cannot be found and NLE system gets crashed after VisTitle installation.
  8. Fixed the issue that subtitle content cannot exceed 999 lines.
  9. Fixed the issue that the shader goes wrong when the border and depth of objects set to 0.
  10. Color space of VisTitle keeps consistent with that of EDIUS.
  11. Improved anti-flicker algorism, fixed the issue of grey border occurring on white rectangle.
  12. Fixed the issue that the font list in title editing mode or subtitle editing screen shows no content under certain circumstances.
  13. Fixed the issue that safe area or cross curve settings cannot be saved correctly.
  14. Fixed the issue that in VisTitle program, there is ripple on the background adopted from NLE video for interlaced scanning project.


Fixed Issues in Subtitle Section

  1. Changed the font property of subtitle list. The font size is reset to be the same with fonts in the list. Color is changed to “White”.
  2. Fixed the issue that after entering into subtitle editing window from EDIUS, VisTitle cannot locate current subtitle line.
  3. After escaping from tapping subtitle, VisTitle will automatically detect whether current line has out point. If it doesnt, VisTitle will set current position as out point by default.



VisTitle 2.0 or above version users can upgrade to VisTitle 2.6 free of charge. VisTitle 2.X users can download 2.6 full installer from the following link directly. But to install VisTitle 2.6 full installer, please uninstall previous version first. Then move VisTitle 2.6 full installer to VisTitle installation directory and start 2.6 installation.