VisTitle 2.1 Update

Date: 2014-5-7

Size: 38.79MB

ClickTimes: 1,965

Operating Platform: Windows xp&Windwos Vista

VisTitle 2.1 is a small update for VisTitle 2.0, which fixed some issues in VisTitle 2.0. Any VisTitle 2.0 user can upgrade to 2.1 with free.


Fixed Issues:

  1. In some non-square pixel video format, preview image was zoomed along horizontal direction when seeking timeline in VisTitle.
  2. In some case, 3D stereoscopic option controls was lost when adjust window size
  3. If “Render all” property was selected, there is some incorrect rendering when text object has “Frame” shade property.
  4. When project enable 3D Stereoscopic, in some case, effect edit view did not show correct selection box, and preview window only have left eye preview image.
  5. If text object has play area effect, in some case, some character could not cut out.
  6. If EDIUS 6.5 project has VisTilte clip, EDIUS 6.5 was crashed when using “Consolidate project” or XRE to transcoding project
  7. Import a VisTitle title clip with “Transfer to project folder” option selected, EDIUS 6.5 was crashed
  8. “Consolidate project” could copy *.vtmovie and *.vxdmtex file to destination in EDIUS 6.0x and EDIUS 6.5
  9. Select VisTitle title clip in EDIUS bin, “Delete Files” in context menu could not delete disk file.
  10. Export any text files in VisTitle, the file will be always saved as unicode format to compatible some asia language.