VisTitle 1.5 Promotion

Date: 2014-5-12

ClickTimes: 1,382

We are proud to announce the launch of VisTitle 1.5 with EDIUS 6 support, on occasion of which, to thank all users who have supported us during the past years, and to encourage more to know the power of VisTitle on EDIUS 6, Videostar would like to start a promotion for VisTitle 1.5.

This promotion will start from Nov. 15th. The promotional list price will be at US$299, which represents a saving of US$80 compared with the standard list price. During that time, every EDIUS customer can enjoy this promotional offer.

For existing VisTitle 1.x users, VisTitle 1.5 is a free upgrade. Users can download the updater from our website.

For more information, please contact your local GV EDIUS dealers.

Again, thanks for your support!