VisTitle Manual

Date: 2010-6-12

ClickTimes: 1,324

We are happy to announce VisTitle was released on June 12,2010;inheriting from its predecessor excellent titles and graphics design,added by such new features as Add a new shape Object- Paint stroke line and Clock,Add a new effect-Laser,it offers users full dimensional editing choices.Detailed features are as following.


Main Program:

VisTitle new Installer will install Microsoft DirectX runtime driver automatically with user selected option,and will install vc2008 redistribute package automatically.

New Features

  1. Add a new shape Object-Paint stroke line
  2. Add a new title Object-Clock, be displayed with number format (00:00:00) or quartz clock
  3. Add a new title Object – Number
  4. Add feature to play text char by char or line by line with a random mode
  5. Add a new effect – Laser
  6. Add support to mark in or out point in timeline, set customize marker,or import marker from EDIUS,Add support to play titles between in and out point with short key Shift+Spacebar
  7. Improve the play control UI, and add a button to play timeline from beginning
  8. Add support to set the default color palette to be RGB model or HSB model in system preference dialog
  9. Add support to let the timecode control to display timecode or frames,configure it with context menu in control
  10. Add support to save as current editing project (*.vtproj) to layout file sequences (*.vtlayout)

Fixed issues

  1. When creating a new title Object,it will not inherit the dynamic texture option of last Object,will use default option (unchecked)
  2. Improve the performance of timeline when playing
  3. Improve the system format select user interface,will provide custom format in next version
  4. Optimize the used resource for title template library,improve the stability
  5. Modify some parameter value range to be suitable with HD project,such as Roll auto-layout parameters,whose value range is changed from0 to 500
  6. Fixed issues about the memory leak when we use pick color tool
  7. Fixed issues that edit control does not work correctly when VisTitle program UI is located in second monitor

PlugIn in EDIUS

  1. Fixed some issues to support EDIUS 5.5
  2. Fixed issues about that Error message box when we go back to EDIUS5.5 after editing layout in mini-editor or main program
  3. Add support to give a option chance to save current editing layout as a still image or as a animation title clips when user exit VisTitle main program
  4. Add support to use short key Alt+S or Alt+Shift+S to save current layout as a animation title when user exit VisTitle main program
  5. Add a option to use Spacebar short key only in SubTitle editor
  6. Add support to customize the fade effect duration in SubTitle editor,default duration is five frames
  7. Improve the performance and stability of title template library