VisStudio Release Note

Date: 2015-8-18

ClickTimes: 1,904

VisStudio is released today! 

Based on Windows 64Bit OS, VisStudio is a video & audio switching system of broadcast quality. It features in video & audio switcher, audio mixer, overlay of multiple local or external CG, overlay of logo and corner marker, media recording, streaming, chroma key, virtual studio, etc., making it a perfect live production substitution for various equipments in traditional studio. VisStudio can be widely applied in various shows, sports rebroadcasting, wedding recording, and many other occasions.


  • Video & audio switching system of broadcast quality based on Windows 64Bit
  • Real-time preview of multi inputs, PVW, and PGM. WYSIWYG
  • Expand an extra screen to realize custom multi-view full-screen display, making it easy for preview
  • Support real-time overlay of audio UV table and dynamic display of audio peaks
  • Provide easy play control of local sources, Script FX channel, and CG channel with Mini control panel
  • Support overlay of multiple CG, remote CG, LOGO, and clock.
  • Support multiple local video/audio formats, such as Canopus HQ/HQX AVI, Avid DNxHD MX, XDCAM MXF, MPG, Matrox MPEG-2 I Frame AVI, QuickTime MOV, WAV, MP3, WMV, etc.
  • Compatible with VtLayout and VxMovie format from VisTitle, as well as VisCG title format
  • Featured with macro recording function, allow recording various switching operation in advance and invoking it anytime to realize auto switching or combined switching effect
  • Support hundreds of transition effects
  • Featured with 2-channel GPU based Chroma key operation, allowing regional keying operation as well
  • Support 1 channel for virtual studio effect, each virtual scenario supports 4 camera modes, which can be easily realized by keyframe transition