VisLive Pro 2.5 Full Installer

Date: 2019-7-16

Size: 648.13MB

ClickTimes: 2,509

VisLive Pro 2.5 Release Note


New Features

  1. Support signal auto detection and connection of Decklink board card, board card setting page is updated to allow manually choose signal format.
  2. Fully compatible with signals of different format and frame rate from project to be connected for live switching. Provided that the device is recognizable, its signal can be used in various project formats.
  3. Refine Videostar live streaming function, add Custom Streaming Channel function and Refresh channel button.
  4. Support importing *.vtobject file to CG list.
  5. Add title dynamic & static state switching function, scale to alter the duration of animation.
  6. Refine title editing, after title editing is done in mini title editor, the cursor will return to the correct position in main program, exit after press Ctrl + S (Save), Ctrl + Shift + S (Save As), or Ctrl + Q (Cancel).
  7. Support renaming clips (shortcut key N).
  8. Improve the editing function of color correction curve editor, the channel can be switched automatically via clicking to select the curve.
  9. VisLive full-screen camera: connected with software on PC with HDMI cable, featured with stable connection, low latency, and high image quality; HD/4K resolution, self-adaptive landscape or portrait mode; mobile phone camera, convenient and flexible, occupied Less space, suitable for all types of shooting.


Fixed Issues

  1. The bug of default format is fixed after installation. VisLive Demo and Standard version is set to 720 30P, while VisLive Pro set to 720 50P.
  2. Fix the issue that extended screen hot swap is not supported in some cases. Now extended screen can be found in real time.
  3. In scroll title tab of title mini editor, it fails to modify the scroll play length by selecting the speed (fast, slow, etc.); set the property of rectangle and other geometric objects to other graphics, nothing happens; the focus is not correct when entering the editor, now the focus will be automatically set to the editing area so the shortcut keys such as Ctrl + A will respond immediately; the clip icon in title library doesn’t reflect the correct aspect ratio or Alpha.
  4. Fix crash issue caused by incompatibility when opening project file created by different version. Now it follows the downward compatible rule.
  5. Fix the issue when setting the third color to be keyed in chroma key panel, interface will not be refreshed instantly.
  6. Fix the problem that GIF file cannot be imported in CG list.
  7. Keep the required items and remove the redundant in fine-cut material right-click menu.
  8. Modify device automatic selection function. Only select camera and board card device automatically, other devices will be selected manually.
  9. Support registry mode for camera device, compatible with some new Blackmagic devices.
  10. When the software is connected with two or more camera devices of the same model, the device name in device list is updated to be displayed with number, such as “Camera 1” and “Camera 2”.
  11. Fix the issue that RTMP address of some platform (e.g. Penguin E-sports) may not be recognized.
  12. Fix the problem that when chroma key and color correction are both applied to a certain channel at the same time, adjusting the blurring of image edge may cause rendering black field.