VisLive 2.5 Full Installer

Date: 2019-7-16

Size: 330.31MB

ClickTimes: 2,579

VisLive V2.5 Release Note


New Features

  1. Fully compatible with signal access of different frame-rate from project, as long as the device can be recognized, its signal can be used in various project formats.
  2. Improve Videostar live streaming function, add “Custom Live Channel” function, and add “Refresh” option to update channel change.
  3. Support clip rename (shortcut key N).
  4. VisLive full-screen camera: connect with PC via HDMI cable, featured with stable connection, low latency, and high image quality; support HD and 4K resolution, adaptive landscape and portrait mode; convenient and flexible mobile phone camera, take up less space, suitable for various shooting scenarios.


Fixed Issues

  1. Fix the issue of initial format bug first-time installation. Initial format in VisLive free and commercial version is set as 720 30P. In other cases, it is 720 50P.
  2. The extended screen cannot be recognized in hot plug mode in certain cases without system rebooting.
  3. Fix the incompatibility and system crash issue caused by exchanging project file created by different version of software. Now project file created by lower version software is compatible in higher version software, but now vice versa.
  4. Gif file cannot be imported in CG list.
  5. Refine right-click menu of clip list, retain only the required items and remove redundant ones.
  6. Modify device automatic selection function. Only select camera automatically, while other devices need to be selected manually.
  7. Support camera device in registry mode, and compatible with some of the latest Blackmagic devices.
  8. When connect two or more camera devices of the same model simultaneously to the software, the device name in the device list is updated to be displayed with number, such as “Camera 1” and “Camera 2”.
  9. RTMP address of some platforms cannot be recognized (e.g. Penguin E-sports platform).