VisTitle 1.86 released today

Date: 2014-5-12

ClickTimes: 1,450

We are pleasured to announce VisTitle 1.86 is released today. Compared with former versions, 1.86 will compatible with EDIUS 5.x, 6.0x, 6.5 or 6.51, and add new features about 3D stereoscopic title. Any VisTitle 1.x user can upgrade to 1.86 with free. Please browse the following deScription to see more:


1) Support EDIUS 6.5 and 6.51, compatible with EDIUS 5.x, 6.0x

2) Support EDIUS 6.5 3D Stereoscopic project

3) Support 3D Stereoscopic creating when VisTitle run standalone, can export 3D stereoscopic image sequence or quick time movie

4) Support 3D Stereoscopic full screen preview in VisTitle through a 3D polarization LCD monitor (for example, LG 3D LCD), 3D output mode including L only, R only, Difference, Side by Side, Top and Bottom, Line Interlace, Anaglyph, Split Grid.

5) Add new feature in subtitle option window to enable use auto save as style message box to prompt user when close editor dialog, default is disabled

6) Add new feature in layout editor window to enable use auto save as style message box to prompt user when close editor dialog, default is disabled

7) Improve SRT file compatibility


 Please go to here to download VisTitle 1.86:

Upgrade suggestion:

1) If you are EDIUS 6.0x user, installing 1.86 upgrade package is enough

2) If you are EDIUS 6.0x user, and have upgraded your EDIUS to 6.5, then:

  • Clean install: Uninstall VisTitle 1.x, and reinstall VisTitle 1.86 full version.
  • Upgrade install: To be sure VisTitle 1.8 or 1.85 is still in your system, and can run in standalone, then   install 1.86 upgrade package

NOTE: VisTitle 1.8 full version installer did not support EDIUS 6.5, so you can not install 1.8 full version and then upgrade to 1.86.