VisTitle 2.5 Released Today

We are honored to announce that VisTitle 2.5 is released today. From version 2.5, VisTitle will have three independent versions, which are corresponding to EDIUS, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid NLE systems respectively. The three versions of VisTitle use same model but different license of dongle. And they put on sale separately. We will announce related detailed information in our website as soon as possible. Before all the information go online, you can get a general idea from VisTitle 2.5 quick guide documents (PDF), which to be downloaded at: VisTitle 2.5 Quick Guide

VisTitle 1.86 released today

We are pleasured to announce VisTitle 1.86 is released today. Compared with former versions, 1.86 will compatible with EDIUS 5.x, 6.0x, 6.5 or 6.51, and add new features about 3D stereoscopic title. Any VisTitle 1.x user can upgrade to 1.86 with free. Please browse the following deScription to see more:

VisTitle 1.6 was released on May 12, 2010

We are pleasured to announce VisTitle 1.6 was released now. Compared with former versions, new build-in plugins like 2D Stroke Animation, Shadow, Image Four Point Deformation are added. There are new features such as Effect Dragdrop, OpenType font supported, etc. Please browse the following deScription to see more:

VisTitle 1.5 Promotion

We are proud to announce the launch of VisTitle 1.5 with EDIUS 6 support, on occasion of which, to thank all users who have supported us during the past years, and to encourage more to know the power of VisTitle on EDIUS 6, Videostar would like to start a promotion for VisTitle 1.5.