Tech Specs

Features VisStudio 4K
Declink Input and Output
NDI Output
Project Format 4K 24p
4K 25p
4K 29.97p
4K 30p
4K 50p
4K 59.94p
4K 60p
HD 50i
HD 59.94i
HD 24p
HD 25p
HD 29.97p
HD 30p
HD 50p
HD 59.94p
HD 60p
720 25p
720 29.97p
720 30p
720 50p
720 59.94p
720 60p
Channels Supported 8
E2 Camera
NDI Signal
USB Camera Signal
VisLive APP Signal
RTMP Streaming Pulling Signal
Remote Camera
Test Signal
Local Media Video
Image Sequence
Time-lapse Photography
*.vxmovie Movie
Local Music (.mp3/.wav/.w64/.wma)
Local CG Image
Image Sequence
*.vxmovie Movie
VisCG Template
VisCG Editor
VisCG Graphic Template Maker
Remote VisCG
Chroma Key 2 Channels
Extended Screen
Auxiliary Audio
PGM Recording H.264 MP4 File
Streaming Up to 15 Addresses
Record Streaming File as H.264 MP4
XML File Generation
Source Signal Recording
Virtual Set Editor
Virtual Set Channel
Preset Virtual Set Templates
Record PGM with and without CG
Preset Transition Effects
PVW Recording
Recorded File Sent to MED Channel
Monitoring Each Channel
Segment Recording
Professional Control Panel